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Julie Mott Shares Top 5 Ways to Save More Money at IKEA

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It's no secret that IKEA is one of the leading places to discover inexpensive yet practical and sleek furniture, decor, and food items. But not many people are aware that they can get even more items at incredible discounts if they had a better understanding of where in the store to look and when to shop. In this article, Julie Mott, IKEA advocate, discusses how to get even better deals and save more of your money next time you head over to IKEA.

Check out the As-Is Section

Before you automatically go over to your IKEA's wholesale section, check out the store's "as-is" room for special discounted pricing on pre-assembled products. The items on display in this room were either returned, used as display products, or slightly damaged. This means that huge discounts are passed on to you! You will also save time by bringing your furniture home already fully assembled!

Join the IKEA Family

IKEA's rewards program is one of the best deals in the furniture business, offering a free, no-obligations discount program. If you sign up, you could secure some of the best deals in the store with priority pricing! IKEA's Family Program entitles you to events exclusive to members, specialized discounts, early announcements for upcoming sales, price protection for 90 days, and even coffee privileges in the store's restaurant area. You don't want to miss out!

Be a Price Check Pro

In the restaurant area at most IKEA locations, you can find free wifi. Bring your laptop along with you to look up comparably priced items before big purchases and read reviews about the product you're considering to buy. You should also double-check the Offers Page on the IKEA website to ensure that you aren't missing out on any money-saving opportunities in the long run.

IKEA is an attractive place for those with loose wallets. With so many inexpensive items on the rack, you can get roped into making random and unnecessary purchases out of sheer inability to pass up on a $15 rug. Do your research in advance and head to the store with a strict list to follow. You can also build your shopping list online, find items ahead of time, and make sure items are in stock before you head over.

Use IKEA Delivery

Rather than renting a U-Haul or a truck for large purchases, consider using IKEA's home delivery service. Home delivery starts at less than $60 and could save you big bucks on transport depending on your proximity to the store. At a minimum, it's worth price checking the delivery fee to make sure that you aren't making unnecessary expenditures when getting your new piece of furniture moved to your home.

IKEA is a great place to shop and save on furniture, and following these tips can make the experience all the more productive for your living space and your wallet!