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Julie Mott Reveals Her Beginners Guide To IKEA Furniture

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The leap from the nest can be expensive. If you’re moving out of your parents’ place or dorm room for the first time, furnishing your new home might be more costly than you initially bargained for. Rather than breaking the bank at boutique furniture stores, why not head over to IKEA? They deliver fantastic value at a fair price and can make your home’s interior design elements feel modern without spending too much.

In this article, Julie Mott, IKEA advocate, reveals her beginner’s guide to shopping for IKEA furniture, answering questions such as “What makes IKEA better than other furniture stores?”, “Does IKEA sell quality furniture?”, “How hard is it to assemble IKEA furniture?” and more.

What makes IKEA better than other furniture stores?

At the heart of IKEA’s mission is delivering value to its customers. When you visit an IKEA location, you know what to expect at an affordable price. A fair price is so integral to IKEA’s mindset that the company decides the price of a piece of furniture even before setting out to build it through reverse engineering.

When it comes to finding quality furniture at a price that won’t break the bank, there just aren’t simply many furniture stores out there that can compete. Most furniture store prices far exceed IKEA, yet their furniture’s quality isn’t significantly higher enough to justify the price increase.

Does IKEA sell quality furniture?

While IKEA furniture is cheaper than many furniture retailers, that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a quality piece for your home. Their engineers are always coming up with new designs to stay on trend and source materials built to look beautiful in your home.

IKEA has also committed to sustainability, making their products ‘greener’ than ever before. They’ve banned Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), harsh plastic, from their products and reduced dependence on formaldehyde from lacquers and glues. The company is also seeking to increase the use of sustainable materials, making their furniture both high quality and responsible.

How hard is it to assemble IKEA furniture?

All IKEA furniture is relatively easy to assemble. You can even find a wide selection of pieces that don’t require tools for assembly; everything you will need is ready right when you take it out of the box. Efficient packaging makes it easy to transport, and most beginners can assemble IKEA’s products without any prior experience.

Additionally, the “As-Is” section of the IKEA store offers bargained pricing on items that have been returned, have minor damage, or have been used as display pieces. In most cases, these “As-Is” items are already assembled. So as long as you have the means of transporting them, you can get a great price without the added stress of assembly.

After leaving home, shopping at IKEA can help you save money while also getting quality furniture for your new home. IKEA has all the furniture pieces you need to bring your home to life without having to buy tons of used furniture to protect the bank account.