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    About Julie Mott

    Julie Mott is a Chicago-based interior design enthusiast and blogger.

    After getting a Bachelor’s degree in social studies from Northeastern Illinois University, she had her son Alex and decided to switch careers. As a young mother and homemaker, Julie is always looking to beautify her home with affordable and stylish furniture. Her mission is to create a hub for stay-at-home moms to create beautiful interior designs using affordable brands like IKEA.

    Ms. Mott is an avid reader of interior design books from which she draws inspiration. Her favorite interior designer is Joanna Gaines, and “Magnolia Home” is her go-to source of design ideas. Julie can spend hours on end at the IKEA store looking for the perfect piece of home décor. She believes every house can be turned into a welcoming home with a charming and pleasant atmosphere using affordable brands.

    When she is not blogging or exploring furniture stores, Julie enjoys cooking healthy meals and spending time with her son, family, and friends. As a senior in college, she used to volunteer at KEEN Chicago, helping children and adults with disabilities. She plans to volunteer more in the future as her son gets older.

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