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Julie Mott’s Guide to IKEA’s Multipurpose Furniture You Must Get in 2021

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We’re all staying home so much more with the continued stay-at-home orders and the ever-changing status of the pandemic. This has forced us to make our homes more functional for the demands of our lives. Whether you have a small space that you need to transform or you just want more functionality out of your furniture, IKEA has your back.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to update and renovate. Here, In this article, Julie Mott discusses IKEA’s multipurpose furniture that you must try in 2021.

Start with the Sofa

Your sofa is generally the centerpiece of your home. It’s probably where you will spend the most time, and it’s also a piece that will take up the most space. You need your sofa to be functional and yet also save on space.

If you’re looking for useful multi-functional features, a sofa with a pull-out bed for guests is ideal. You can choose this item and then decorate around it. IKEA even offers sofa beds that transform by removing cushions instead of pulling them out into a bed. Talk about efficiency!

Combine Storage and Décor

One of the best ways to make a piece of furniture multi-functional is to make it work for both storage and décor at the same time. You can easily accomplish this with both cabinets and shelves. And them, you can use the shelves or the insides for both organization and storage purposes.

IKEA offers plenty of different styles, shapes, and sizes of cabinets and shelves. You can create your own display and keep it simple, clean, and modern or spruce it up with a more decorative appeal.

DIY Room Divider

In a small space, sometimes it feels like you can never mix things up. Maybe your living room and dining room are combined, or perhaps you are in a studio apartment. Try creating your own divider. IKEA has a great shelving unit that you can personalize to your needs.

You can mix open shelves or shelves with doors and drawers and even play with the sizes and colors. This creates the perfect divider for any space, and it adds storage and organization as well.

Kitchen Trolley

Everyone should improve the kitchen with multi-functional pieces. This is almost non-negotiable. We never seem to have enough counter space or storage space in the kitchen. A kitchen trolley is a perfect solution.

It’s mobile, and it gives you the added space you need without taking up an excessive area. At IKEA, you can choose different sizes and styles to meet your needs.

Chair Meets Storage

IKEA has a trendy chair with a rack that will make a great addition to any space throughout your house. It’s a bamboo chair that has a high back with three rungs for hanging on it. It’s described as a towel rack, but it could also be used for blankets, throws, clothes, or more. It’s a simple piece that provides a variety of solutions.

Whether you’re working in a small space or just need to make things more organized and functional within your home, you have plenty of choices at IKEA to help you get the job done.

About Julie Mott

Julie Mott is a Chicago-based IKEA fan and interior design enthusiast. Ms. Mott is an avid reader of interior design books, from which she draws inspiration. Her favorite interior designer is Joanna Gaines, and “Magnolia Home” is her go-to source for design ideas. Julie aspires to create an interior design hub for stay-at-home moms who shop on a budget.