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Julie Mott Reviews Modern Living Room Makeovers On a Budget With IKEA

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Is your living room feeling antiquated? It’s time to revamp an essential room in the home with a delightfully modern design that injects life into your home. In this article, Julie Mott, IKEA advocate, and an interior design blogger takes you through this exchange from outdated to sleek, all while staying under budget with IKEA.

You’ll come away with a better understanding of essential design elements, including lighting, color choices, contrast, furniture, and even a floorplan to transform your dated living room into a modern-living masterpiece.

Versatile Furniture

Let your furniture work for you. Rather than using two different furniture pieces for seating and storage, which can rack up costs and clutter in your living room, consider elements that work as both storage and decoration. IKEA has a wide selection of stylish and modern pieces that will instantly transform your living room functionality and look. Go with neutral colors, and remember to add some inexpensive decorative items to finish it all off.

The Right Lamp Matters

Believe it or not, your lamp is one of the most important items in your entire living room. The lighting sets the tone for the living experience in the space. Ceiling lamps are great options to make the room feel sleek and fresh in an instant. They tend to give off soft lighting that gives the room the comfortable yet lively feel you are looking for.

Decorate the Wall

Who says that wall decorations are only for college dorm rooms? While you want to take a more sophisticated and contemporary approach to build out your wall art, the walls of your living room can be the centerpieces of the room without breaking the bank. Use large photographs and clocks, framed pictures, lamps, and anything else that serves the modern balance you’re curating. Don’t overdo the decorations; start minimalist, and work from there. You can always add more art!

Get the Right Centerpiece

The center of any modern living room is the sitting area. It’s where you cuddle up and watch TV, entertain your guests, or have your morning cup of tea. A good chunk of your life will be spent on the living room sofa—so take some time in considering what will bring personality and sophistication into your space. The great thing about IKEA is that their sofas are always budget-friendly—you can cultivate a large, dedicated seating area for a relatively small sum (especially if you find the right deals)! Remember that just because you are building out your modern living room, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. You want you and your guests to feel at home in your modern space, and IKEA has sofas, armchairs, and chaise longues to make you feel both comfy and renewed!

Building a comfortable, functional, modern living room can be achieved on a budget with IKEA. Use these tips for cultivating the best living room possible!